Best Netflix food shows

Editor, Cayla Viner shares her top Netflix food shows to start watching now...

Cayla Viner
2nd December 2019
Image: Unsplash
You have just come in from a long day in uni, you had to walk home in the cold and the dark, and all you want to do is cocoon yourself in a fluffy blanket with hot chocolate and a great Netflix show. It is time for you to branch out from your classic drama or comedy show and feast your eyes on the deliciously addictive food programmes on offer. These are, in my opinion, the top foodie shows to get hooked on now:

Chef’s Table
This show is the definition of food porn. The incredible cinematography enhances how spectacular cuisine can become an art where audiences will instantly be in awe. The show follows famous chefs from around the world where they share the journey they took to get to where they are. It includes a collection of archival photos, interviews with the family and food critics who wax lyrical about how unique each chef is whether that be Nancy Silverton’s bread empire or Niki Nakayama’s creative kaiseki cuisine. The classical musical in the background allows all the focus to be on the close-ups of preparing and plating up the innovative creations that each chef has to show off. Some have argued that Chef’s Table is perhaps a little elitist, however I see it is an exhibition of the most passionate pioneers in the world of food. They are not places you go to indulge but instead are rare experiences and Netflix has gifted us with this little epicurean delight.

Salt Fat Acid Heat
Chef and food writer, Samin Nosrat published a book in 2017 detailing the for key components needed for successful cooking. With this Netflix show, there a four episodes; each instalment focuses on one of Nosrat’s key elements by travelling to a new location and revealing how a particular culture makes use of one of the all important elements. These include the home kitchens of Italy, the tropical Yucatan state, Japanese islands and the famous Californian restaurant, Chez Panisse. It is an entertaining, feel-good mini-series where Nosrat’s down to earth and charming character makes the show both interesting and inspiring to watch.  

Street food
Vietnam, Thailand, India, Japan all feature in this amazing documentary of Asian street food. We are taken on a journey through the bustling streets to encounter the most authentic cuisine. Instated of training for years to become restaurant chefs, many of those selling at a stand have been inheriting this family business for years, growing up surrounded by the culture of cooking outdoors. The show embraces the true meaning of street food, with a key focus on family, sharing and the origins of this fascinating cuisine. The chaos mixed with joy and laughter portrayed in these episodes makes any foodie crave to embark on a street food journey. One woman tells us that “in a city of 10 million people, 1 million make a living on the street” which just goes to show how big street food culture existing across Asia really is. I think this programme does an excellent job in depicting this lifestyle in a heart-warming and fascinating way.

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