Best of politicians attempting to act normal in 2018

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So when it comes to politicians attempting normality I really don’t think anything can top Theresa May dancing at the Conservative Party Conference in October. Yeah it’s the obvious answer but it really was textbook. After a tour of Africa where a visibly uncomfortable Prime Minister showed off her dancing skills to a bemused nation, May (or her staffers) decided it would be best to run with the joke so during her speech to the conference, May strode out to the tune of ABBA’s dancing queen, doing this weird, almost robotic kind of strut on her way to the podium. I know I’m lifting this observation but Twitter but you know that bit in The Simpsons where Moe’s on a dating show for bachelors, strutting across a stage into a section labelled “rejects” with a pained grin on his face? That’s more or less what it looked like.


I guess I can understand why May thought this’d not be an utterly ridiculous thing to do. The Prime Minister has something of an image problem, coming across as austere, matronly and unfeeling. Might as well show that she can poke fun at herself. Thing is, it becomes decidedly less cute when you consider the calculated cruelty and contempt May’s government treats its most vulnerable citizens. If May actually wished to humanise herself in the eyes of the public, she’d be better off redressing the injustices of her party and government (or y’know, resign).


Still, who knows what crazy high jinks will go down at next year’s conference. Maybe they’ll try to appeal to the youth by choosing May’s replacement via Fortnite, or with dank new slogans like “#Dab4Austerity” and “Pokémon Go to the Job Centre or we’ll cancel your Universal Credit”.

Last modified: 11th December 2018

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