Best Theresa May Moment of 2018

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2018 has been a year of ups and downs for the current occupant of 10 Downing Street. The ongoing rebellion against her Brexit deal and the continuous questioning of her tenure as Prime Minister, you could say Theresa May has had a tough year.

Her recent trip to Africa, aimed at promoting UK investment in the continent post-Brexit, before the 2018 Conservative Conference in October, saw the Prime Minister immersing herself in the African culture and showing off a few moves. Being dubbed the ‘May-bot’, her cringeworthy dancing was quickly talked about and given the top spot on several news bulletins and as well as trending on social media.

Soon after her return came the Conservative Party Conference and, after last year’s notable closing speech which featured falling letters from the backdrop, receiving a P45 from a prankster, and an awful cough, many were speculating at what failures this year’s speech may entail. As delegates took their seats in the conference hall, no one expected to hear the ABBA classic, ‘Dancing Queen’, to be played. Seconds later, on walked the Prime Minister showing off her dancing moves once again and, as the audience clapped, she laughed along and continued to indulge in her iconic trademark dance

. One could say that Theresa May is a woman who lacks personality and fails to channel this in the public domain, however, after her opening to the conference speech, we received a rare insight into the personality of our Prime Minister, and also got something to laugh at during this politically dull point in the year. This has to be the ‘Best Theresa May Moment of 2018’, given that many politicians struggle to show their human side, May has managed to unconventionally show everyone that, underneath negotiations and political backlashes, there’s a human living in Downing Street, and she’s called Theresa May.

Last modified: 10th April 2020

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