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I hope you like Jammin’ too

Jammie Dodgers. The classic British sandwich of shortbread and jam to accompany a brew. This luscious jam combo may not be the best for dunking, however the Jammie dodger doesn’t need to be drenched in milk to be made edible. This absolute classic remains a flawless symbol of what it means to be British. We may have a harsh exterior, yet we continue to be warm and gooey in the middle. The Jammie Dodger will never be left to go stale in the last century. The variety of snazzy flavors from raspberry, berry, and custard set this biscuit out against the rest of the tin. This work of culinary art brings a bit of colour and fun into the biscuit world which is plagued with dry digestives and bland bourbons. No other biscuit can claim that they made a cameo in Doctor Who and eventually saved the entire planet. The Jammie Dodger remains at the heart of the nation. So, in a world of rich teas. Be a Jammie Dodger. Caitlin Rawlings



The great British bourbon needs no introduction. The staple of any family biscuit tin, it is loved by fussy eaters and food snobs alike, dunkers and non-dunkers, and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. In its universal appeal the humble bourbon is unapologetically simple; it is biscuit, chocolate cream filling, and biscuit. For only 36p in Tesco for a family pack, this timeless classic is an instant winner. Unlike its jazzier biscuit cousins, the bourbon needs no superfluous decorations or faffy chocolate coating to be a satisfying snack. It is the sexier alternative to the ever-disappointing custard cream, and pure decadence compared to the plain digestive. There is only one winner here, let’s give this bastion of biscuits the respect it deserves. Isabel Sykes


Rich Tea is the biccy for me

Developed in Yorkshire in the 17th century, the Rich Tea is an understated essential to any biscuit tin. If Yorkshire is God’s own country, then the Rich Tea is God’s own biscuit. I’m no royalist, but Prince William even chose a groom’s cake made from 1,700 Rich Tea biscuits – if it’s good enough for royalty, then it’s good enough for thee and me.

It is also the best biscuit to dunk (it literally has the word ‘tea’ in its name). Anyone who tries say this is something as dense as a Hobnob is clearly a novice of the dunk. If biscuits were a video game, Hobnobs would be the tutorial while Rich Teas are the final boss. Any amateur can sit about awkwardly for ten thousand years waiting for a hobnob to get soft, but it takes a true sensei in the art of the dunk to master a Rich Tea without finding a sloppy surprise in the bottom of their mug.

What’s more, the Rich Tea is the healthiest of all biscuits. While many will see this as a negative, according to the percentages on the pack you can eat fifty in a day and still be within your GDA. Fifty biscuits! You’d be hard pressed to find even a fruit healthier than that… Alex Moore


Back in the day, Maryland cookies were the ones to beat.

Everyone loves a chocolate chip cookie and Maryland do exactly that. It’s not too fancy that you feel you can only have it when the extended family are visiting, drinking coffee in the lounge. Nor it is rubbish enough to waste as just a ‘tea-dipping’ biscuit. It’s a cheap chocolate chip cookie, exactly as it should be.

Perhaps my love for Maryland stems from nostalgia. Back in school there were always a couple cool kids who would smuggle in some tuck to flog at break. One such 11-year-old entrepreneur sold a pack for a pound each. Split with a hungry friend for 50 pence each and you’ve got yourself a tasty and filling snack. You can’t beat a Maryland.  Toby Bryant


Chocolate Digestive 

I’m not going to lie, the chocolate digestive isn’t the most exotic biscuit. It’s no Viennese chocolate swirl. It’s not even as fancy as a Hobnob. But, sometimes the best things in life are the simpler things. A step up from the cheap, everyday malted milk or bourbon, the chocolate digestive sits at the perfect crossroads between humble and exquisite. And, at just £1 per packet, how can you really go wrong?

There’s no better feeling than getting home from a long day at uni, popping the kettle on, and seeing a freshly-stocked biscuit tin jammed full with chocolate digestives. A versatile biscuit, they instantly make everything better. Want to dip it in your cuppa? Perfect – the chocolate will melt just enough to enhance the biscuit’s already chocolatey goodness. No cuppa in sight and want to eat it straight from the packet? That’s fine too – sometimes the chocolate digestive tastes even better on its own.

Above all, the chocolate digestive really just is a biscuit tin staple. We all know how disappointing it is to open a biscuit tin and see it filled with Rich Tea biscuits. But, as my housemates will testify, seeing a packet of chocolate digestives will always make me say an excited, very Yorkshire ‘ooh!’ Caitlin Disken

Last modified: 5th January 2019

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