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James on Jamie

How did you feel about going on a Blind Date with The Courier for the first time?

Terrified because I don’t really do dates, outside of relationships I’ve been in I’ve never been on a date with a complete stranger, so I was like, what if he hates me? What if I hate him? What if it’s weird? So I was terrified.

Were you surprised you’d not come across each other before?

I was kind of surprised because I assumed that everyone who was gay, or part of the LGBT community was in the LGBT society, and because I’ve spent two years in that society I thought I’d know him – but I didn’t, so that was fun.

So, where did you and Jamie decide to meet?

Well I put a punt in for Mr Lynches but he said it was a bit far from town because he was going out that night, so we went to Dat Bar, which is off Grey Street… it was classier than I thought it was going to be. I ended up showing up in shorts, but the bar was quite nice, so I was like… oh dear.

What were your first thoughts when Jamie approached?

Well mostly it was to do with clothing again, I was like, shit he’s wearing a shirt, and I’m in the same crap I’ve been in all day, he must’ve thought I wasn’t making any sort of effort.

What were some of the notable

conversation topics?

Because (Fresher’s) crew had just happened there was a lot of

exchanging stories of when we were drunkest and what was the most shameful thing we’d done drunk, where we had thrown up in the past. It was all very student-y talk.

Can you give me some examples?

Oh god – let me think of one of the things that he wouldn’t mind going in The Courier, I was talking about one of the nights on crew where I threw up all over Circuit 1, and this was within five minutes of our first date. I just went for it and decided to tell him all the disgusting places that I had thrown up, so Circuit 1, Powerhouse.

Surely that’s quite unattractive for a first date though, or did you just not care?

I didn’t care because he didn’t seem to care, we both brought it up and we were talking along those lines anyway, so I thought you might as well get to know the unclassiest parts of my person.

So, have you got any future dates planned?

No, no. He’s a solid lad, but I’m not that fussed if I’m honest.

If Jamie were an animal, what animal would he be?

Parrot, he talks quite a lot.

On a scale of zero to powerhouse, how would you rate your


I’d give him a solid 8.

Jamie on James

I’ve heard that you’ve wanted to go on  a Blind Date with The Courier for quite a while, how do you feel now you’ve finally got to go on one?

Well, at least it’s over and done with.

Were you surprised that you’d not come across each other before?

Well… I recognised him from Grindr, he pops up close to me quite a lot.

Were you nervous?

Erm, yes, and to compensate for that I drank half a bottle of wine with my flatmates before I left the house. So by the time I got into town I was canny steaming.

What were your thoughts when James first approached?

That he’s got green hair, and I think he was wearing

combat shorts.

How did the date end?

So I was hugging him goodbye, and then this Canadian woman came over and was like “excuse me, are you guys selling pot?,” and I obviously said no, but they were lost on their way to town, so I ended up walking to town with them.

Did you feel bad about the fact you went out, and James went home?

Well, it was my friend’s birthday so I did have to go out, but I suppose I didn’t have to go home with somebody else at the end of the night.

How did that happen???

So I went out, then went on Grindr when I got back in, so I ended up having someone round after going out on a date with someone else.

Are there any future dates planned?

With James? No, he’s not really my type at all. Funny guy, but no.

If James were an animal, what animal would he be?

A sloth. I imagine him lurching round trees and grabbing branches.

And finally, on a scale of zero to Powerhouse, how would you rate your date?

I’d say, an Easy Street. But in an actual number… 7, no wait, 6.

Last modified: 19th October 2015

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