Blind Date: James and Meredith

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Third Year Maths student, Meredith Hughes, meets Third Year Politics student, James Dady, for a blind date at The Tyne Bar.

James on Meredith

Tell us about yourself.
“The absolute worst person ever”- a close friend.

Why did you sign up for blind date?
I got head-hunted by the editor.

What’s your type?
Pretty, funny, left-wing, not up their own arse, passionate about things.

Were you nervous for your date?
I was shitting myself a bit in the day, but I had a desperado and was all good.

What did you guys talk about?
We had quite a lot in common. We talked about music, festivals, our house drama and a lot of politics, which we agreed on. We ended up spending like four hours together, so we definitely got along.

I went to her ‘Red Light District’ party a few months ago and she spanked me

I have word that you have fancied Meredith for a while, can you confirm or deny?
I went to her ‘Red Light District’ party a few months ago and she spanked me, as she was a dominatrix and I told my friends that I thought she was fit.

How was The Tyne Bar for the date location?
I have been before and really loved it, staff were so sound, they gave us more free drinks because the bar man thought I was sound.

What do you think of Meredith?
Really nice girl, funny, really good looking and easy to talk to. She made funny facial expressions which made me laugh.

If Meredith was a pub in Newcastle which one would she be?
Somewhere like the Ernest, a bit edgy, but a nice place.

Have you been in contact since?
I asked her if she wanted to meet again.

Will you see each other again?
I doubt anything will come of it, we might meet in a group setting.

Meredith on James

What are you like?
Easy-going, laid back, I like music and going to the pub.

What is your type?
Someone funny, easy going, talkative, handsome.

What was James like?
He was very funny, chatty and northern. We agreed on a lot of topics like politics, which was good conversation.

What did you guys talk about on the date?
Festivals, music, politics, university.

What was James’ best feature, both looks and personality?
Personality wise, he was funny and witty with good northern banter. Looks wise, he had a really nice smile.

If James was a drink what drink would he be?
James would be anything but Prosecco, because he hates Prosecco. He would be a pint of Taddies, because it’s simple and cheap.

What is the most interesting thing you learnt about James?
He was very clued up about politics and I found that very interesting because im in to politics too.

Describe James in three words.
Northern, northern, northern.

Did anything go badly on your date?
I got way too drunk.

He asked me to go somewhere else after so he must have enjoyed it

Do you think you both felt the same about how the date went?
I think we both had a great time, he asked me to go somewhere else after so he must have enjoyed it. He also asked me out again on a date.

Are you going to go out again?
I’m not really looking for anything serious, but we have mutual friends, so we might meet them at some point.

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