Blind Date: Tilda and Eleanor

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Second Year Modern Languages student, Eleanor Flinn, meets Foundation Year Mechanical Engineering student, Tilda Head, for a blind date at Alvinos Bar.

Eleanor on Tilda

So, how did you find the date?
I had a lovely time. Great company, location (and drinks!)

How did you find the date location?
The bar was incredible, I will definitely be taking my friends there. The menu was laid out like a travel brochure, it was really cool. The staff were all lovely too, they were so enthusiastic when I told them I was there for a blind date.

What do you look for in a potential partner?
Main thing is a good conversation. I can talk people’s ears off if they let me so ideally I’d want a partner who can balance the conversation well and ask as many questions as I do.

Describe Tilda in 3 words.
Talented, all-rounder and interesting.

Did you fancy Tilda?
I thought she had really great style and conversation but we didn’t spend enough time together to give a definite answer.

How would you rate the date out of 10?

If Tilda was a building on Newcastle’s campus, which building would she be?
The SU because she had lots of hobbies.

What did you talk about?
What we studied, what films we liked, what societies we were in, the current virus situation…

The highlight of the date was bonding over Studio Ghibli.

What was the highlight of your date?
Bonding over Studio Ghibli.

Have you been in contact since?
No, we haven’t.

Will you see her again?
We were a bit too different so I’d say probably not.

Tilda on Eleanor

What made you sign up for Blind Date?
I signed up because I thought it would be a bit of fun and I never thought I would actually get matched with someone!

What would your ideal date night be?
Ideal date night would probably be just a drink at a bar and maybe listening to some live music.

What kind of girl were you looking for?
I was looking for someone with a good sense of humour and a strong character, just someone I vibe with.

How did your date go?
It was nice, very brief though because she left early as she had a 9am the next day.

What were your first impressions when you set eyes on Eleanor?
Not usually the type of girl I would go for but she seemed lovely.

It was a decent match but not love at first sight kinda vibes.

Did Blind Date match you well?
It was a decent match but not love at first sight kinda vibes.

Out of all the dates you’ve been on where does this one rank?
Probably pretty middle ground, but then again I don’t date much aha.

If you were to sum her up in three words what would they be?
Nice, friendly, laid-back.

Was Alvinos a romantic date setting?
I definitely think Alvinos is a really cool bar and they have great offers on cocktails, I’ll probably be coming back here again.

Did you have a lot in common?
We had some things in common, but a lot of them were because we go to the same uni.

Will you see each other again?
Not sure we will be seeing each other again.

Last modified: 16th March 2020

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