Blind Date: Tom & Hannah

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Second year student Tom met third year Medicine student Hannah for a blind date set up by the Courier and sponsored by Harry’s Bar.

Hannah on Tom

What made you sign up for Blind Date?
My friend and I saw the advert for Blind Date and thought it would be a laugh to sign up. I was surprised to get a message saying they’d found a match but I was still very single so thought I’d give it a go.

Who’s your celebrity crush? How did Tom compare?
I’ve never really had celebrity crushes but if I had to choose it would probably be Henry Cavill or Robert Pattison in that Dior advert. I wouldn’t say Tom was quite my type but he does play rugby.

What’s an interesting fact you learned about Tom?
I found out he is allergic to UVB rays and Sambuca, which sounds like a good way to ruin summer day drinking to me.

How was Harry’s Bar? 
Harry’s Bar was lush! The staff were so lovely and made sure we had everything we wanted. It was pretty quiet but still had a good atmosphere and the Valentine’s decorations definitely added to the feel of the night.

What did you have to eat? 
I had cheesy garlic bread to start followed by a fancy named tomato and chicken pasta. I didn’t manage to eat it all but luckily the waiter let me take it home in a box. The food was amazing and tasted even better seeing as it was free.

If Tom was a pasta dish what would he be and why?
I’d say a creamy spinach and mushroom tagliatelle. Rich in flavour and enjoyed by many but not quite to my taste

I think I’m more of a cheap Haribo ring than a signet ring kind of girl

Describe Tom in three words.
Southerner in denial.

What did you talk about? Did you have a lot in common?
We mostly spoke about uni life and our friends and family. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t say we had much in common apart from ordering the same main course. I think I’m more of a cheap Haribo ring than a signet ring kind of girl.

If Tom was a shop in Eldon Square what would he be and why?
Either Fenwick’s or Waitrose, say no more. 

With Valentine’s Day around the corner will you be seeing each other again?
I don’t think we will be seeing each other again but it was lovely meeting him and I wish him all the best!

How did you find the process of blind date? Would you recommend it?
Going on a blind date was pretty scary but definitely a great life experience. I’d recommend to everyone to try it once and maybe one day I’ll do it again.

Tom on Hannah

How long have you been single for? Why do you think you are single?
I have been single for just under a year. I believe that this is the result of past relationships being fairly draining. 

What do you look for in a partner?
My ideal partner is ideally chatty, funny and personable.

How would you describe yourself?
An absolute catch.

What were your first impressions of Hannah? Did you think she was a good match?
Well, she is obviously very attractive and she was smiley and engaging upon arrival.

You went to Harry’s Bar but what did you have to eat and drink?
I chose to start with a gin and a plate of calamari. Followed by a lovely pasta dish a bottle of white. Being too full, I elected for an amaretto in place of desert.

Do you think you’ll be returning?
Yes I think so, the atmosphere in Harry’s Bar was quite pleasant 

If Hannah was a cocktail which one would she be and why?
She’d be an Espresso Martini, energetic twist on a classic.

The best part of the evening was probably the wine, it went down far too well

What were the best and worst parts of your date?
The best part of the evening was probably the wine, it went down far too well. The worst part of the date was definitely the metro journey there, it was delayed.

If Hannah was a social media which would she be and why?
She’d be Instagram, as we followed each other.

Describe Hannah in three words.
Medicine, medicine and medicine. 

Will there be a second date, if so where to?
No, I think we’re very different people. But, whatever happens I’m glad for the experience.

Has taking part in blind date taught you anything?
Yes, don’t trust my friends to sign me up to anything.

Last modified: 5th March 2020

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