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On Friday 2 December Bongo’s Bingo launched its Debut event in Newcastle. The event took place at Boiler Shop, South Street.

The evening was hosted by Jonny Bongo, holder of the World Record for the biggest pub quiz. Harry Reynolds, Stage Three Bio-Medical Sciences, attended the event and said: “I wasn’t quite sure what to expect before going to Bongo’s Bingo and even though I’ve been, I still don’t quite know how I’d explain it to other people. You definitely have to had been there to understand it; but it was honestly so much fun.

“The host Bongo was unreal. He kept the energy up throughout the night and made sure that the crowd was always buzzing. I got to Boiler Shop before 7pm and I was there until after 11pm, but it absolutely flew by. I hate to be massively cliché, but time does fly by when you’re having fun – I was indeed having a ball”.

The Newcastle event is part of Bongo’s Bingo extension to the North, alongside regular parties taking place in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Glasgow. Joshua Burke, organiser of the event explained prior to the evening: “We are bringing the party to the North and can’t wait to be let loose on the city!

“Liverpool and Manchester have been going insane, with sold out shows every week, and we have taken the concept to Leeds for the last 12 months too, with new host Jonny Bongo who works the room into a complete frenzy, with our little legend Sweaty Betty aiding him”.

Joshua Burke went on to say: “Bongo’s Bingo appeals to a huge variety of people who all absolutely love it. It’s right across the board in terms of who comes. It’s a crazy and unique atmosphere and it has turned into a bit of a phenomenon really!”

The evening featured cash prizes which reached as high as £500 by the final round of Bingo. Further prizes included alcohol, a giant union and a life-size Ainsley Harriott cardboard cut-out. Jordan Scudder, Stage Four Mechanical Engineering said: “I wasn’t actually that bothered about the cash prizes. I just really wanted to win the Ainsley Harriott cut-out – imagine that stood in your bedroom for the rest of the year!”

Stage Three Marine Biology student Daisy Sharp attended Bongo’s Bingo alongside 10 friends. Commenting on the event Daisy said: “I’m so glad I went. I’ve got friends in Liverpool and they told me to go along to the event if it ever came to Newcastle so when I found out it was, I bought my tickets straight away.

“In the group that I went with, none of us had been before and we didn’t really  know anything about it, but we absolutely loved it. The night was sold out and rightly so! We’ve all already booked our tickets for the next night, let’s just hope it’s as good as the one that’s just been”.

Bongo’s Bingo is set to return to Newcastle on January 28 2017. Entry to the event is set at a price of £5.

Last modified: 20th December 2016

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