Boob Ball tournament returns

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Friday 15th February saw the return of the annual Boob-ball tournament organised by the Newcastle University Boob team for its third year. Different societies and groups on campus gather to participate or spectate in a series of dodgeball games.

Social media officer for the Boob team Mel Havery said that the tournament aims to raise awareness about breast cancer and stress that it’s important to trust your touch. She goes on to say that the team encourage “guys, gals and non-binary pals” to be checking regularly for symptoms.

The tournament saw nine teams take part in a round-robin format of small dodgeball games. On one half of the court, there were two matches being played, whilst on the other half the remaining teams were encouraged to get some practice in as they waited. One of the games had a twist to it, on each team one player donned a giant inflatable boob, which was used as a shield.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the King’s Dodgeball team were the winners of the competition.

Last modified: 21st February 2019

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