Boy Pablo releases two new songs ahead of debut album

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Nicolás Muñoz, the Norwegian 21 y/o musician, has released a couple new tracks ahead of his debut album release: Wachito Richo. They’ll be released under his indie-project Boy Pablo, which features fellow musicians Gabriel Muñoz, Eric Tryland, Sigmund Vestrheim and Henrik Åmdal. 

Being dubbed bedroom-pop, and having clear influences from a stoner-rock or Mac DeMarco style of playing, he’s always had an extremely mellow and raw sound, and these songs are no exception. He released the tracks alongside a Reddit AMA, in which he engaged with fans and spoke about lockdown, making music, and his inspirations.

The first track which he released is titled ‘hey girl’. Listening to the song, it’s a classic Boy Pablo tone, and takes me back to the vibes which are seen in previous releases ‘Feeling Lonely’ and ‘Sick Feeling’. It’s mixed beautifully with a variety of different instruments, highlighting his musical talent, with a nice funky melody throughout.  

‘hey girl’ wasn’t supposed to be a boy pablo-song, but I liked the song so much that I just had to ask him if it was okay if I included it in my new album, and he was cool with it! I rearranged the song a little bit and added new elements to the song with my brother and brother-in-law and I loved it”.

Muñoz discussing the track ‘hey girl’

The second track, ‘i just wanna go home’, is a bit slower than the previous one, and has a very poignant message now more than ever. Although the lyrics link to a troubled relationship, they also reflect how many people will be feeling during this lock-down. Lines such as “Wanna go back again // Things just don’t make sense // I just wanna go back again” will reflect how many people separated from their loved ones, friends and family will be feeling at this moment. 

Muñoz is also joined by his long-time high school friend Andrea on the track, supplying backing vocals which compliment his style perfectly.

Both tracks are available below, and hint towards a very exciting upcoming album!
Source: YouTube via Boy Pablo
Featured image sources: Wikipedia, Flickr via Paul Hudson

Last modified: 30th May 2020

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