Bradley Walsh – Chasing Dreams

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Yeah, that bloke from The Chase. Who knew he could sing? I thought his skills only extended to being a slightly inferior version of Alexander Armstrong on daytime Television quiz shows yet how wrong I was. This boy can sing.

It’s hardly a surprise this album has sneaked into the Top 10 this week after a listen or two. It’s the perfect panicked Christmas present for mum or nan. Walsh’s melodies perforate around the room and serenade the ears of anyone with whom they come into contact with. Perhaps the highest praise of all came from my housemate with the claim “It’s actually alright this” which is the student answer to critical appreciation.

“the perfect panicked Christmas present for mum or nan”

Whilst it may seem almost comical to conceptualise the juxtaposition of a Bradley Walsh album, once you delve into the album’s intricacies, you hear Walsh flourish. The album is jam-packed with jazz and swing covers. It’s easy-listening at its finest. You can pop this on in the background of Boxing Day, whilst lay comatose on a sofa after consuming your bodyweight in Christmas leftovers and confectionary, and drift into a delightful daydream. Songs in the album such as ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ are all-time classics and, despite initial fear of Walsh ruining a song of this magnitude, he copes surprisingly well.

He may be a joker on the screen but his voice is seriously strong. These swing songs are not for the faint-hearted and he pulls them off with aplomb. Bradley Walsh’s Chasing Dreams is more than a below par pun – it’s a masterpiece of cheese. So get it in your mum’s stocking. Now.


Last modified: 9th December 2016

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