Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 production to restart in light of BLM

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine is widely regarded as one of the best shows on the air at the moment with its brilliant humour, awesome cast, and willingness to address some of the biggest issues in the world at the moment.

In light of recent events with the black lives matter movement, it has been made clear that the American police force is deeply flawed with racism and police brutality. And this raised the question, what will a show about the police do to address this, especially when it has been vocal in the past? Turns out we now have an answer.

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Terry Crews has recently announced that the writers for Brooklyn Nine-Nine have completely scrapped their current scripts for the latest season of the hit cop show in order to restart with a more direct focus on the current movement. The decision to throw the season eight scripts “in the trash” came after many “deep conversations” about the Black Lives Matter movement. I’m sure such a decision was not made lightly as, during an interview with Access Daily, Crews said that they already had four episodes ready to go, but have scrapped them.

They have thrown away all their work so far to create something a lot more important and relevant

I think this just goes to show how important a show like Brooklyn Nine-Nine is at the moment as it has gone above and beyond to make sure all its fans feel included and supported. So much so that they have thrown away all their work so far to create something that I’m sure will be just as enjoyable but certainly a lot more important and relevant.

However, it’s not like this is the only time the writers have addressed the issue of racial profiling, as during the season four episode ‘Moo Moo’, Terry Crews’ character Terry is arrested for simply walking down the street looking for his daughter’s toy. This episode expertly talked about the issue in one of the more emotional moments of the show. It’s no surprise that this episode is regarded as one of Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s best and I hope it was just a precursor for what’s to come in season eight.

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Youtube

So, we may have to wait a bit longer for the show to return, but in order for it to address such an important problem, I don’t mind at all.

Last modified: 24th June 2020

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