Cake charity run by Indonesian students on rise

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Recently a few Indonesian students were inspired to create the charity project CLR19bakes, baking cakes and selling them online to raise money for SILO, a children shelter in that takes in and raises the less fortunate children from all over Indonesia. Amateur bakers Kezia and Monica, made use of their amateur baking skills to create new recipes to be sold on the website, and the project has since developed into a very successful phenomenon on campus.

In just a matter of 3 months, they have successfully sold more than 50 cakes, 250 truffles and raised over £1000. The team also organize events and participate in bespoke pop ups such as the “TREAT YO’SELF”garage sale held in their very own backyard and a hangout party in a community space, Kommunity NCL.

SILO children want to make sure that all children are valued and cared for and CLR19bakes greatly believe in this cause. The projects co-founder Kezia explained: “We’d like people to realise that generosity could be a really simple gesture. It doesn’t always have to be done in a conventional way and you don’t always have to pack your whole life and move to a remote area.”

On February 14th the team are launching an interactive digital campaign: Caked by the Nation. The campaign invites the public to donate £1 and for every donation, they can nominate a name to get caked in the face. Each week, a live video will be broadcasted through Facebook and Instagram revealing the top 2 most voted names getting cake on their faces.

Through this Caked by the Nation campaign, CLR19bakes aims to change the general mindset students often have about voluntary work.

“We want to challenge the perception that says volunteering is boring, because it doesn’t have to be! We have had so much fun volunteering our time, energy, skills – we know it definitely can be creative, and that’s why we wanted to invite other students to join the project,” says Monica, the co-founder.

The CLR19bakes family has now tripled – from what started as a house project has now turned into a volunteering platform for many students from various countries. The project has also gained massive support from their friends & caught the attention of our very own Student’s Union, which has granted them funding for this campaign.

The CLR19bakes team will also be hanging out around the Student’s Union & the city campaigning – you will have the opportunity to throw cakes at them for a small amount of donation. Subscribe to their website http://clr19bakes

Last modified: 10th February 2017

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