Campus-wide health kick for NUSU’s Food for Fuel Week

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Food for Fuel Week at Newcastle University begins on Monday 6th of November. Students will see activities related to food, organized by the University’s Students’ Union, taking place throughout the week.

The purpose of this nutrition week is to give students the resources and experience to make their own homemade food and drinks and to teach students, especially freshers, some essential cooking skills.

From Monday to Thursday events such as Go Volunteer’s Veggie Giveaway, Smoothie Bike, and free breakfast giveaways will take place in the Students’ Union Building and Sports Centre.

“These activities are to give healthier options compared to pre-prepared items you can buy in a shop”

From 12 until 2pm on Monday, students have the opportunity to participate in Go Volunteer’s Veggie Giveaway and pick up a ‘Soup in a Bag’ pack for free outside the Students’ Union.

Volunteers will be there will be giving out recipe cards with step-by-step cooking instructions, a bag full of the ingredients, and a potato masher. The vegetables are all grown by groups of student volunteers who spend Saturdays in Cockle Park helping to grow healthy produce such as tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers.

Sarah Craggs, the Welfare and Equality Officer at the Students’ Union, told The Courier: “The reason for this activity is to provide students with the resources and skills to be able to produce their own wholesome soup, which is cheaper and with no hidden preservatives compared to supermarkets.”

Another highlight of the nutrition week is the Smoothie Bike activity. It offers students a chance to experience making healthy smoothies themselves.

When students come along and pedal the bikes, it blends up fruits and creates a smoothie. The aim is to give students healthy alternatives to often sugar-filled shop bought smoothies.

Free breakfasts are offered at Newcastle University Sports Centre from Monday to Wednesday so students can pick one up after their workout on their way to lectures.

An interactive cooking session scheduled on Tuesday will provide students with hints and tips on how to make most of their shopping lists.

On Thursday, a Grainger Market trip has been organized to help students to find out where to buy healthy food at low cost prices.

Sarah Craggs told The Courier: “These activities are to give healthier options compared to pre-prepared items you can buy in a shop, at a fraction of the price, and to help people be more aware of what consists of healthier food resources.”

Last modified: 20th November 2017

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