Captain Tom Moore to have North East train named after him

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Admiration for Captain Tom Moore in the North East has been shown by a train being named after him, to celebrate his fundraising activities.

Captain Tom has raised £30 million for NHS Charities Together. He did this by walking one hundred laps of his garden. Initially, he had set a target to raise one thousand pounds. However, when donations came streaming in, in just a few weeks the donation amount had entered into the millions.

He has received recognition of his work from Boris Johnson, who wrote a letter to him saying that “Every day I write to someone in our country to thank them for their service to others and to recognise them as a Point of Light in our lives. No-one epitomises a Point of Light more than you”. The Queen is another figure who also wrote to him on his birthday saying, “I send my congratulations and best wishes to you on such a special occasion”, the Independent has reported.

After receiving more than  125,00 cards on his one hundredth birthday, he is now having a train named after him in the North East.

The Great Western Railway has christened its 800025 Intercity Express as Captain Tom Moore, the NETimes Magazine has reported. The train was manufactured in County Durham, and on Captain Tom’s one hundredth birthday, the train re-entered service to carry key workers. 

Matthew Golton, Great Western Railways interim managing director has said that what Captain Tom has achieved is “truly inspirational, and an example to us all”. He also says that the company has a tradition of naming trains after Great Westerners, of which Captain Tom Moore is the most recent. 

Last modified: 30th April 2020

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