SU voices opposition to possible new ‘fit to sit’ examination policy


Antonia Velikova discusses the controversial proposed 'fit to sit' exam policy that the University is consulting on implementing....

The After Party: Fashion Shoot


At the party’s demise, as the sun begins to rise, fashion follows four lost souls into the afterlife...

Freshers' Week 2015 liveblog: Thursday


liveblog The liveblog is back! Back!! BACK!!! for the final full day of Freshers’ Week 2015, and indeed the last Freshers’ Week liveblog until next year (boo hoo etc)....

Freshers' Week 2015 liveblog: Wednesday


liveblog Good morning and welcome back to today’s live blog, covering Wednesday of Freshers’ Week 2015. If you want to get in on the blogging action, use the...

Freshers’ Week 2015 liveblog: Tuesday


liveblog Morning all, welcome back to the second day of our liveblog detailing the shenanigans of Freshers’ Week 2015. If you want to get involved get on the hashtag...

Freshers' Week 2015 liveblog: Monday


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