Chaos in the Chair of Council debate

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This year there are three candidates running for the position of Chair of Council at NUSU: Adam Warner, Ze Wang and Haaris Qureshi.

A debate amongst the candidates took place last Tuesday evening moderated by NSR’s Harry Parsons and Editor of the Courier, James Sproston. And what a shambles it was, at no fault of the moderators.

Both candidates spoke of (mostly) irrelevant previous experience

Undoubtedly the candidate with the most experience of Student Council and the arduous ways of the Students’ Union was Qureshi, who unfortunately for the audience was absent from the debate.

Those of us who turned up (about a dozen or so) were then subjected to the most painful ‘debate’ possible.

Between the candidates present, one (Warner) had been to Council. Once, to be precise. One time and one time only. However, this struck us as heaps of experience in comparison to his rival, who not only has never attended Council, but was genuinely clueless about the role he was running for.

Wang spoke of Council as if it was a monthly student-staff committee meeting. In fact, as far as anyone could tell, he knew no better.

I couldn’t tell if he was aware that this wasn’t a position within the University, or in his own school for that matter.

The true victims of this ordeal were those in the audience, who struggled to cope with the second-hand embarrassment

Wang continually used the term “Student Chair” to refer to the position being debated upon. Student Chair? What is Student Chair? Chair of what? This was repeated to such an extent that Warner, the candidate who at least seemed to know what Student Council is, also began to use this term.

Both candidates spoke of (mostly) irrelevant previous experience and gave tragically weak answers to the moderators’ questions. A friend aptly questioned whether the candidates knew where they were.

The true victims of this ordeal, however, were those in the audience, who struggled to cope with the second-hand embarrassment as Parsons grilled the clueless candidates, although as he later stated, “you can’t grill bread if you don’t have any bread in the first place”.

Last modified: 6th March 2018

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  1. James Dominic says:

    author overestimates how much anyone cares about the nomenclature of the student council

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