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Your first week at university can be really daunting, especially when faced with a whole flat of strangers. But one of the best ways to get to know everybody in a relaxed but fun way is to head down to the pub.
First off, Newcastle is great for pubs. Being a city, there are obviously plenty to choose from. The prices too will be a happy surprise for the southern students amongst you! Some offer delicious meals during the day, while others host regular quizzes. I’ve compiled a quick run through of some standout pubs as a guide.

The Hancock
The classic. Whilst it is further away from some of the larger accommodations, it is super close to the Windsor and Park Terraces and the libraries. This pub definitely has the best smoking area, with a large outside area filled with long tables and covered seats for rainier days, and even working heaters outside. It’s one of the only pubs where you can fit your whole floor on a table if you wish to!

The Trent House
Just down the road from Leazes Park, this is a tiny and characteristic pub. It’s the ideal choice for a date, because, unlike most pubs, you won’t see 20 familiar faces (probably because the Trent can’t fit them in). This place is also a historical Newcastle icon, opening in 1861. Plus, The Trent House is owned by the same people who own World Head Quarters, one of the best clubs in Newcastle (but that’s a story for a different article).

The North Terrace
This is a nice pub – one worth taking your parents to when they make their first visit. This pub is right by the Sports Centre, so after cleansing your soul on the treadmill, why not balance it out with a pint? It’s really close to most of the accommodations, whilst also being nicely tucked away from the busy city centre. They do pretty good pizzas too, which are on offer Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.
Cosy Dove
Situated right behind Castle Leazes, it is mostly frequented by students from this halls. It is yet another pretty pub and their food is of excellent quality, a nice break from super noodles and toast. They also have an extensive gin menu if you’re feeling fancy. Student quiz nights are always very popular there too – perfect for breaking the ice with new friends.

It goes without saying that Wetherspoons is always a good bet. The comforting familiar name is likely to get even your shyest flatmate out for a chat. And of course, the prices here are a godsend, especially for us students. Luckily for us, Newcastle city centre has four to choose from! Whilst the menu stays the same, each has a slightly different vibe, so here’s some basic pointers for you freshers!
The Five Swans is the most popular Spoons choice. Situated on St Mary’s Place (the very top of Grainger Street), this is the closest to campus and student accommodations. In fact it’s so close to campus, you would have every right to spend your breaks between lectures here with your new pals.
The Quayside, as the name suggests, is the Spoons located right on the Quayside. This is the prettiest Spoons, not only because the back outside area gives you a great view of the River Tyne, but the building itself is gorgeous. It’s a medieval riverside building, erected around 1515 as a warehouse, and also ideal for basking in the rare sun!
The two other spoons are called The Keel Row (inside The Gate) and The Mile Castle (near to Central Station). Whilst still safe choices, they fall slightly by the wayside of The Five Swans and The Quayside. The Gate has a slightly odd vibe, being within a retail complex, whilst The Mile Castle feels more like an eatery. They are of course still worth going to for the cheap prices and easy-going vibe, plus it’s nice to have a change sometimes!
But no matter which pub you go to, and, if you’re on the vodka shots or orange juice, it’s bound to be one of the nicer ways to settle in to Newcastle student life. Cheers!

Last modified: 23rd October 2019

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