Christmas across the world: Vermont, USA

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This mountainous winter wonderland is nestled away on America’s north-eastern border with Canada. I do not understand how many tourists gloss over this hidden gem, in favour of the hustle and bustle of Canada during the holidays. Any Vermonter will tell you, that Flatlanders (their term for us outsiders) come to Vermont for two things only- Skiing and the snow.  

Many Vermonters enjoy a nice Christmas Ham, as opposed to our Turkey. They also enjoy highly alcoholic Eggnog, more so than some of their other American peers. Many Vermonters enjoy hunting, so expect some variety of game on the menu for winter- this usually being Venison. As they are American, you can expect portion sizes to be massive, got to have the winter weight to survive the cold temperatures here.

Vermont is a majority Catholic state (one of the few ones, thanks to the French), and as such, many Vermonter families enjoy going to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, as for many, Christmas remains a religious celebration as opposed to consumerist, secular celebration that is has become in the UK. Vermonters take Christmas seriously, and go all out decorating their houses, as is common across America. It seems like a sort of competition, with who can make the gaudiest, brightest house festooned with lights. Vermonters themselves admit that they do enjoy looking at other houses’ Christmas decorations more than decorating their own house- something we can all relate to.

I hope I have managed to pique your interest in visiting Vermont during the Christmas period, and perhaps I will see you out there another year.

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Last modified: 3rd December 2019

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