Christmas around the world: Australia

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In Australia, Christmas is in the very middle of summer with searing-hot temperatures and blinding sunlight, so understandably the celebration of Christmas is fairly different down under.

Rather than a warm roast dinner Christmas is often celebrated with a summery salad and cold meats, alongside drinks and a cold dessert. This is followed by a Boxing Day barbeque, a common tradition in most Australian homes, eaten whilst watching the traditional Boxing Day cricket test match, this year Australia face New Zealand.

If you find yourself in Australia this Christmas keep an eye out for the surfing Santa’s, surfers who engage in the hilarious tradition of going surfing kitted out as Saint Nick. However not everything is different, you still gather with the family and exchange gifts, celebrating together. The traditions aren’t overly different just altered by the significantly different climate. Decorations don’t differ overly either, there’s still wreaths on doors and trees decorated with baubles, tinsel and lights.

Just don’t expect to catch sight of much snow.

Last modified: 6th December 2019

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