Clasp vandal caught in the act

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An anonymous source provided the Courier with a video of the man who vandalizing the Clasp sculpture outside Newcastle University Students’ Union yesterday afternoon at approximately 2.30pm.


In the video a young man dressed in black shorts and a black hooded jacket runs up to the statue with an orange carrier bag in hand and sprays it with paint.

Passers by gather in confusion but the man continues to spray the statue and then runs away before shouting ‘Jaime Evans’.

The man pictured sprayed the Clasp with white yellow and blue spray-paint yesterday afternoon at 2.30pm as reported by the Courier and NUTV.

Newcastle University Estates Services then confirmed to NUTV shortly after that the no-one had been given permission to graffiti the statue after they spoke to the Anthony Gormley Foundation.

As of 3pm today the statue is still marked with the graffiti.

Last modified: 23rd October 2019

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