Claude kicked from Arsenal Fan TV after racist remarks made towards Spurs forward

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Arsenal Fan TV
Claude Callegari, 57 year old member of Arsenal Fan TV, has been sacked indefinitely after racist remarks made towards Son Heung-Min.

During Arsenal v Spurs, in which Spurs trumped the Gunners 2-1, Claude referred to Son as ‘DVD’. The exact quote was “DVD’s going off”, as Son was replaced by Erik Lamela.

Originally, after receiving a wave of uproar online, AFTV issued a video somewhat defending Claude’s actions. The following day, as a result of further heat online, Robbie (AFTV’s founder) decided to sack Claude indefinitely.

The slur, which originated in London, is a derogatory remark aimed towards Asian people that labels them as someone who sells DVDs. Claude originally claimed that the remark was aimed towards Spurs, suggesting they would sell a DVD of their win against Arsenal. 

In a later video apology, Claude had this to say on the subject…

“I want to apologise to Spurs fans and Son, for the offence it has caused.

“It wasn’t meant in that way but it has caused a lot of offence.

I’m going to apologise to you, the Spurs fans, and especially Son and his family at how it has come out and there is not more that I can say than that

“Me and Robbie have come to an agreement that I’ve come off the channel, and I have to accept that.

“I will punish myself as well, don’t worry about that

“All I can do is apologise. I am sorry if it has caused any pain.”

Featured image source: YouTube via AFTV

Last modified: 28th July 2020

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