Coming Soon!: Fonzo aka. Capone (2020)

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The latest film to switch from theatrical release to streaming is Capone, the action/drama starring Tom Hardy – and sees the 47-year old gangster out of prison but facing his violent past as he suffers from dementia.

Capone might be a saving grace for writer/director Josh Trank. After 2015’s Fantastic Four was received, well, less than fantastically – he’s assembled a pretty impressive cast. Tom Hardy needs little introduction as the notorious Al Capone himself, whilst Linda Edna Cardellini (Netflix series Dead to Me and some would argue the equally brilliant 2002 film Scooby-Doo) takes on the role of wife Mae Capone. Kyle MacLachlan of Twin Peaks fame will be Karlock… I’m sure there’ll be a damn fine cherry pie and coffee involved somewhere.

Trank has already got the backing of Rian Johnson describing the film as “batshit bonkers in the best possible way and believe me you’re going to want to see it”. Given the drama over Fantastic Four (his last film), this might end up being a bit of a boost up for the Capone, which Trank also hopes will get a theatrical release date when cinemas re-open.

The trailer is, well. Everything you might expect of a film about Al Capone. Blood, sweat, tears, cigars. “Do you know what the difference is between Hitler and Al Capone? A ominous voice asks. “Hitler’s dead.” Nothing like setting the tone, I guess. Tom Hardy looks absolutely incredible – still recognisable under the prosthetics that transform him into Capone, it’ll be the second time he’s attempted the role, after David Yates’ Cicero never moved forward in development (according to IMDB).

But here’s the catch. It arrives on streaming services in the U.S. on May 12th, but as for now, there’s no news on the U.K. release date. Guess I’ll be making an attempt to avoid spoilers and reviews on Twitter for the next month or so, then.

Last modified: 26th April 2020

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