Cry – Cigarettes After Sex Review (3/5)

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Carrying on the soft simple tunes from the first album, Greg Gonzales continues to sing in his breathy sensual voice about love, heartbreak and lust.

On Friday 25th October Cigarettes After Sex released a new album “Cry” which showcased very little evolution from their previous works. The melodic guitar strumming and slow lullaby-like baseline create an overall soothing atmosphere of serenity, resulting in an apparent dream-pop style. One of the first impressions to receive from the initial run through the album is the sense of drifting along the waves of an ocean in the middle of nowhere.

It is clear by now that the band has developed their own evident signature sound which undoubtedly works for them. The lovely uniform tune of their works creates this idea that all of them could be combined into one extended song, which is both their strength and weakness. The question here is: was it really necessary to stick to the overused themes of romance and eroticism? The lyrics and poetry of the songs seem incredibly simplified and lacking character and personality, focusing primarily on sexualising the ideas and expressing the protagonist’s desires. It is hard to tell which of the tracks were more successful, but if someone just does not have the time for the album, I would personally pick ‘Heavenly’, ‘Falling in Love’ and ‘Pure’.

The combination of the alluring lead voice, pleasing melody and lyrics about seduction, longing and regret leaves a confusing aftertaste. All I can picture after listening to this album countless times is an autumn setting and a lonely man standing on a balcony with his third dimming cigarette. But isn’t that what the name of the band suggests in the first place? With the way this is going, expect more of the same from their future works.

Last modified: 29th October 2019

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