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It was 2016, in Milk Studios LA and NYC, when Milk Cosmetics was born. Founded by Zanna Roberts Rassi, Georgie Greville, Mazdack Rassi and Dianna Ruth, Milk Makeup offers products for everyone that are all cruelty-free, paraben-free and 100% vegan. Because the brand is born from a photo studio, the claim and aim is all about inclusivity, ranging “from fresh-face street vibes to full-face studio looks” as their website states.

For many years now, those crazy for Milk Cosmetics have had to order from overseas; cringing at those jaw-dropping import fees. Yet now, the people at Cult Beauty have taken one for the team and finally listed the much-loved Milk Cosmetics via their UK site. Queue the applause (and the dip in the student loan) for Milk is definitely a brand worth the hype.

I first heard of the brand when the holographic highlighter was released. Though a dreadful phase in the beauty community in my eyes, it was this trend that helped me discover one of my now favourite brands. I tried a lip product out first, as I like to buy a cheaper product if I’m trying a brand for the first time. I went with their demi-matte lipstick in ‘O.G. Red’ as you can never have too many red lipsticks, and it was great! It was smooth, long lasting and didn’t dry my lips out like a lot of mattes do for me. The website claims their lipsticks are packed with a “30% pigment load (versus the average 8-10%)” and I can safely say they must be. The pigment is like nothing I’ve ever tried before; it’s a no-fuss one swatch experience. They are very similar to the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution, but I definitely prefer these as some of Charlotte’s mattes don’t last long enough for my liking.

My endeavour continued then, what else do Milk have to offer? I’m also a skincare lover so when I heard they had a skincare range I thought it would be nice to try something from them. My under-eye bags have always been dark and puffy, it runs in my family, so I’m always on a quest for something new to try and get rid of them. So, I found Milk’s Cooling Water. Firstly, the packaging of this is SO cool, as it comes in the thick chubby-stick form many of Milk’s other products do; making the products so good for a quick application. Secondly, it ACTUALLY works. This magic de-puffer really has helped the appearance of my under-eyes, and that is saying something! I swear by this product and wouldn’t go back to another eye cream. Milk also have cooling eye patches to match the cooling water but I’m yet to try these.

Of course, finally, Milk’s KUSH High Volume Mascara needs a mention. The brand is great at pushing boundaries, and it certainly did with the world’s first cannabis-infused mascara. I bought this on a whim, because I really wanted to try it, and I think it’s a great product. It doesn’t blow my mind in the sense that I think every mascara should be kush-infused, but I think it’s a good mascara that doesn’t clump your lashes, gives you great volume and best of all, dries down and doesn’t smudge across your face / eye area. The volume it gives you is definitely one of the best formulas and brushes I’ve tried and I’d say it even tops the cheap cult favourite L’Oréal Lash Paradise.

Overall, I love Milk products and I’d definitely recommend trying a few! My next stop is their face products, which I’ve heard great things about.

RATING: 9/10.

Last modified: 13th February 2019

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