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Dark is a science fiction thriller and is the first series on Netflix to be in German. If you do go to watch it, and I recommend you do, Netflix will automatically play the dubbed English version. If you’re anything like me, the out of sync mouths prove to be annoying and distracting, so I recommend that you watch the original German version with English subtitles. You will more than likely forget that you are reading them anyway.

The show is set in 2019 in a small town called Winden, where a 15-year-old boy has been missing for two weeks and the police don’t seem to have any leads on his whereabouts. Most people just assume he had run away from home, like he had done previously. However this is not the case, but it isn’t until a second boy aged only 11-years-old goes missing that people realise something ominous is going on. The characters that have lived in the town the longest are the ones who start to see that the town’s twisted history is beginning to repeat itself, as these same events also happened 33 years before.

                   “The show is brilliant at building tension through it’s choice of soundtrack”


Dark is a prime example of a show that does exactly what it says on the tin. Straight from the get go the atmosphere is dark, shocking and a little unnerving. The show is brilliant at building tension through its choice of soundtrack, and switching from present day to the past and back again within the episodes. Throughout the duration of the series, the story sucks you in and sends you through so many twists and turns it forces you to finish all ten episodes, as there are so many questions that need answers, and because it’s just ridiculously good.

Last modified: 14th October 2018

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