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Dave Gorman is back with a brand new panel show exploring the weird corners of life that only he can truly illuminate.

Dave Groman’s comedy stand-up show, Modern life is Good-ish ran on Dave for 4 years, but sadly came to an end in 2017 due to the workload reportedly being too much for him and his team.

Once you learn why the previous show was cancelled, the birth of Terms and Conditions Apply makes a lot of sense. Instead of taking the audience through a rapid slideshow covering the bizarre journies Dave goes on, this new show has Dave presenting a much slower slideshow to a panel of other comedians.

Panellists such as Jimmy Carr, Phil Jupitus and Sally Philips struggle to wrap their head around the weird world of Dave Groman as he plunges them into subjects like fake questionnaires, Upcycling and the frequently asked questions page on the Mars website.

It all feels much more like it came out of a writer’s room rather than Dave Groman’s crazy life

The topics covered are funny and quirky in a Dave Groman kind of way but it all lacks the personal connection that drew audiences into Modern-life is Goodish. On this new show we no longer hear stories of Dave tricking his friends and family, he almost never tells the audience how he found out about any of the items in the slide show, it all feels much more like it came out of a writer’s room rather than Dave Groman’s crazy life. The show is not necessarily bad, but it’s not longer as unique as it once was. At times Terms and Conditions Apply seems like Dave Groman is hosting a particularly Wacky episode of QI.

The show has been through a few teething problems, with episode two especially not working, despite having some good guest stars. As the series goes on things are getting smoother, Dave Gorman is becoming a better host and the show seems to be finding its style. Already they have repeated segments, such as having guests change the words on the Wikipedia page for both Cheese and Carrots on two different episodes. Both times were funny, but it is a shame to see repetition from Dave Groman, a man know for his boundless originality.

Credit: Dave Gorman, Youtube

Most of my complaints come from this show not being as good as his previous work. Modern-life is Goodish was a great programme, and whilst it was a shame to see it go, I would never wish Dave and his team to work themselves to death over it. In a blog post explaining why the show ended, Dave claimed the team were often working “in excess of 100 hours a week”.

Although this new show is not as personal, I will keep watching future episodes as it is still funny and has the quirky, modern feel of a Dave Groman show.

Last modified: 2nd December 2019

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