Dear travellers: what the fuck?

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Amidst the breakout of a particularly infamous virus (which shall not be named) hell has been set lose around the globe. Panic shopping that leads to fights for toilet paper and spaghetti; coughing and being public enemy #1 wanted dead or alive by the Interpol.  

However, the most concerning of all situations come when we decide to return home. Never in my life have I felt so identified with a song by The Clash. 

The race against time to get home before the lockdown was a bad enough experience within itself. But those travelling with me were not going to make it easier.   

Despite being one of the groups at higher risk (a group of 70-80 year-olds), the travellers had no problem admitting they were flying to Spain for holidays. Which came to me as culture shock as I, wouldn’t spend my holidays in the 4th country with the higher infection rates in the world. 

One of the old women kept shouting claims, so absurd that would make “Aliens Guy’s” conspiracies sound like bedtime stories. According to her, airlines were waiting for the sweet naive tourists to sit down on the plane to then cancel the flights without having to give them back their money.  The lack of self-awareness and complete disregard seemed absurd.

Not knowing whether we would make it home, or get to our families, was already a terrible situation, taken out of The Walking Dead, we did not need a crazy woman screaming about capitalism.

For two and a half hours, the group of old people kept coughing and sneezing without covering their mouths. To top the cake, upon our arrival in Spain, we did not undertake any passport or temperature checks. Which is not on travellers, but I would not be surprised if any of them had the virus and did not care to take precautionary measures.

Dear travellers: next time there is a pandemic cancel your holidays, £100 are not a good enough excuse to infect everyone. Stop hoaxes, there is no need to worry those who have actual reasons to be there; COVER YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOU SNEEZE, is basic hygiene.

Last modified: 7th April 2020

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