Death of the CV? Graduate recruitment through social media increases

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Some of the jobs that 2019 graduates will go into did not exist 10 years ago. With the rise in new job roles for graduates, also changing is the way employers recruit. The traditional CV is out of favour as young people increasingly choose to promote their skills and competencies to employers through social media networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and According to Kloodle, a recruitment site for graduates, 42% of UK students consider the traditional CV format to be ‘outdated’ when applying for job. Traditional CVs and interviews are being increasingly abandoned as firms use new ways of reaching out to potential employees. 

Young people have said that their classic CVs, ‘look boring [and] don’t emphasise their abilities’ and have increasingly contacted potential employers directly via these social media sites. If an employer is trying to attract a more diverse set of applicants, it’s necessary for them to diversify where the job is posted. A direct relationship with the applicant base means they can ask questions about the role in a quick and easy way – they can also easily share the role to people they know who might be interested.

A Twitter survey of 264 young people between ages 18-25 found 70% thought CVs didn’t allow them to represent who they actually are and what they are capable of to an employer. 44% would prefer to apply for jobs via Twitter rather than writing a CV. One of the respondents said they liked the idea of using Twitter because it’s becomes more ‘connected’ rather than an anonymous applicant. Another said Twitter showed their personality, are compared to their CV which was too professional, boring and unrealistic

Stephen Isherwood of the Institute of Student Employers however noted that ‘although employers may be more active on social media CVs, covering letters and applications still remain the most appropriate way to get employers’ attention’.

Last modified: 15th November 2018

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