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Cornwall and good food. These are two things the four episode drama has to offer and succeeds at. It then mixes love, infidelity and a subtle pinch of dark comedy in what becomes a not so ‘delicious’ combination.

The story follows Leo (Ian Glen), a Michelin star chef, and the two women he has loved the most in his life, Sam (Emilia Fox), his current wife, and Gina (Dawn French), the Italian great cook, who is also his ex-wife. Sam is the cliché mistress who becomes wife and is a few years younger than Leo. However, Gina seems to be still very present in Leo’s life, with the advantage of sharing two of his biggest passions with him – cooking and eating. This is a love triangle involving attractions that only food can put together. Leo loves Sam but enjoys Gina’s intimate company as she lets him eat any gourmet dish he wants.  Problematic, of course, when the pair revisit the past in a steamy love-making scene. Making the most of the stunning Cornish locations and the posh good-enough-to-eat food in the series, this is easily one of the most beautifully shot dramas Sky has to offer.

“The outcomes can be somewhat predictable with this show, making them sometimes senseless”

The series’ lack of connection between characters is obvious and left me wishing for more drama and scandal, or maybe a sprinkling of salt and pepper. For me, despite the love scenes, Glen and French needed a lot more chemistry on screen to be convincing. Also, it happens to have extremely random characters, like Leo’s daughter with Gina, Teresa, who has a rare allergy to water. The outcomes can be somewhat predictable with this show, making them sometimes senseless. It seems that perhaps four episodes were not enough to fully explore the storyline, as the relationships between characters require more time to be built, and for us to fall for them.

Overall, Delicious is a good watch, but another series may be in order as it certainly has a lot more to give.

Marina Gomes Da Costa

Last modified: 9th February 2017

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