Disabled Students Allowance campaign on campus

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Mind the Gap society is running a campaign to promote and raise awareness around Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) for students with mental health issues.

The society has been running a stall throughout Wednesday where they chat to people and tried to promote the benefits of DSA and educated those interested on how to apply for it.

Zoe Godden, Campaign Officer, said:

“A lot of students don’t actually know that you can apply for Disabled Students Allowance if you have a mental health condition.  But it is classed as a disability under your UCAS application and the University also classes it as a disability.”

Society’s member also explained that students can apply for DSA at any stage of the course and all year around, including before receiving confirmation of study at University.

“People we talked with today said that they didn’t know what they could get for it, whether they’d be eligible. A lot people think it is just money, but it’s not always about that. For example you can get weekly sessions with a mental health advisor. So it is more about each student’s personal needs,” Zoe explained.

“A lot people think it is just money, but it’s not always about that. For example you can get weekly sessions with a mental health advisor”

Andrew Lister, President of Mind the Gap society, was happy that the stall attracted quite a lot of interest. He said:

“It is always difficult to engage people in, so sweets and coffee are always there to get them to come over. And then we chat to them, explain what Disabled Students allowance could offer.

“Weekly sessions where mental health advisor helps you to manage your mental health problems in an academic setting are one of the most valuable.” Andrew added.

Students who are interested in applying for the DSA will have to send evidence of their disability, medical or mental health condition alongside their application form.

Among the resources available are also computers, specialist software, specialist mentors, study skills tutors, printer paper, disability-related travel costs and other.

Mind the Gap society encouraged everyone who is interested to contact them and seek for help, or alternatively, visit their Facebook page for more information and to find out more details about the Disabled Students Allowance application.

Last modified: 28th November 2016

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