Does Bo Jo Stand for Botched Job?

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With fresh talks in the works, the question of Boris Johnson’s intention when it comes to Brexit is becoming increasingly confused.

It seemed apparent: the Prime Minister would offer the EU a deal, the deal would be unworkable, EU says no – boom – no deal Brexit. But to the hard leaver’s dismay, things don’t seem to be going that way. The EU has admitted that they are wary and “unconvinced” about the new Brexit proposal; Angela Merkel, according to Number 10 sources, made a deal seem “essentially impossible”, and Corbyn doesn’t seem likely to support any deal his adversary puts forward. Does this spell disaster for Boris, or is this all part of a carefully constructed plan to beat the system?

“The contents of the new Brexit deal are complex, and have been described as a temporary solution”

First thing’s first, consider the main concern for all those trying to work out a deal: the Irish backstop, which has stopped Brexit being as clean cut as many hoped. But this important legal framework – which ensures that the Good Friday agreement is upheld – was put into question by MPs. Since then, it has been the task of our Prime Minister to find a workable alternative: now that it has been put forward, and passionately argued for by the PM, it seemed that there was a real desire to put things right. A real desire to come to an agreement. It’s even reflected in Boris’s rhetoric, as he calls the EU “our European friends”, yet the contents of this new deal seem complex and have been described as a temporary solution. Is this intentional? 

“The Prime Minister is looking to turn the EU into Public Enemy No. 1”

If so, this would suggest the Prime Minister isn’t looking for a deal, but rather to create Public Enemy No. 1. If it is the EU that rejects the deal, those in power can turn the people against the European Parliament. The Tories can use this as a rallying point in a general election and preach “A vote for us is a vote against the European enemy!”

In a world already so bleak, this would cause greater divides. I hope that the deal works, but with who’s in power, I don’t find that likely.

Last modified: 27th October 2019

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