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Is January possibly the most depressing month of the year? I think it might just be. It’s defined by post-Christmas muffin tops, a bank balance that leaves much to be desired, countless failed resolutions, and not to mention the dreaded January assessments. However, it’s important not to go too much down the self- loathing / life’s not fair path. Just a few little daily lifestyle tweaks can help you flush away those Christmas caused toxins and leave you starting the New Year revitalised and ready to ‘own it’!

Water is Life

First and foremost, water is your new best friend. Water is the ultimate cleansing/detoxifying/beautifying essential. Staying hydrated will get your skin glowing, your hair and nails shining and your digestive system into super mode. Top tip: add some fancy garnish to your water such as mint or cucumber for refreshing tastiness. You will be inclined to drink more of it and your chosen garnishes add extra health benefits too.

1 squat, 2 squat, 3 squat, score

It’s no myth that exercise is good for you. Dragging yourself to that spinning class on a Saturday morning or ending the weekend with a Sunday evening swim will flush out those toxins, shed the Christmas blub, and up your energy levels. Pair that with healthy eating and you’ll be looking and feeling like Kayla Itsines come Easter.

Care about what you consume

If you want to feel good from within, take into consideration what you eat pre and post lecture. Making meals from scratch with fresh ingredients is crucial and far cheaper than buying ready-made meals or sauces. Getting your fruit and veg from Grainger Market has triple benefits: it’s fresh and organic, super cheap, and you tone your arms carrying it all home. Try to avoid eating too much refined sugar or processed foods, if you can. But stay realistic. Don’t deny yourself of treats, completely rule out one food group, nor eat too little. It is simply unsustainable. You will lack energy by doing this and when you do cave, which is almost inevitable, you’re likely to cave in a big way.

Dry January

Whilst the inner wild child within you may revel in exploiting a 2-4-1 cocktail offer, your body is, unfortunately, not in agreement with you on this one. Why not plan to participate in dry January next year? It’s exam season, so you’re unlikely to be out drinking anyway, you can save a hell of a lot of money, and you can give your body a chance to recover and detox after the boozy Christmas and New Year parties. In addition, you’ll feel good to be contributing to a great cause.

Don’t forget to chill out

Stress can lead to spots, sleeplessness and the much feared dark-under-eye-circles. Try to allocate one evening a week to do nothing but relax. Perhaps you can pencil Sunday evenings as ‘me time’ so you can start the week feeling calm and refreshed. Take a bath, treat yourself to a Lush face mask, and get a good night of beauty sleep.

Last modified: 15th February 2016

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