Don’t let lockdown keep you down, celebate spring!

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The arrival of spring has always been important, with the start of longer and warmer days, more sunshine and the emergence of a variety of plants and animals. For this reason the National Trust have decided to compile a range of works, diaries, poems and stories focused on the beauty and grace of spring. It has been done in an attempt to remind us to engage with our own natural surroundings, recognising the benefits it can have on both our mental and physical health.

This compilation, titled the Nature Diary, shares a firsthand view of the dawn of spring. Full of birdsongs and blossoms, we get both a reflective and informative image of how the new season is all around us.


It takes a look at how, although life for humanity at the moment is on hold, the rest of nature will keep on ticking. It reminds us that everything, despite being very strange now, will return to normal.

The beauty of the Nature Diary lies in how it is made, as a compilation from people across the country. The viewpoints seen are wide-ranging, from Norfolk to Greater Manchester, Cardiff to Edinburgh, the influence of the whole country can be seen. It highlights the beauty that can be created when we come together as one, a telling image that reflects how as a nation we are all together during these tough times, as we will be afterwards.

One particular piece stands out as a reminder of the energy and joy spring contains, Weeping Willow by Samantha Kick, an extract can be seen below.

Each green leaf awakens

at the kiss of the spring rain.

Branches dancing with the droplets,

life force flows through every vein.

An extract from Weeping Willow, Samantha Kick

Not only is it full of wonderful and creative works, it is works that inspire happiness and joy, a reminder that spring is still as wonderful and beautiful as ever. The compilation of works cannot be done the justice it deserves in an article, to find all the diaries and poems, click here.

Last modified: 22nd April 2020

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