Drinking Game: The Big Bang Theory

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Fun for the whole family. If the whole family is over 18 that is…Here, Jenny Cooke provides us with 10 infallible rules to get tipsy whilst watching The Big Bang Theory. It’s a perfect excuse to get daytime drunk (as if we need one) since this programme is on all the bloody time.

You will need:

– A bottle of wine/cans of beer
– Vodka or any other spirit

– The willpower to watch one more episode

1. Whenever Sheldon tells a ‘fun fact’, take a shot.

2. Whenever Raj does something effeminate or mentions something homoerotic that he and Howard once did, have two shots.

3. Whenever Bernadette acts like Howard’s mother- drink.

4. If they’re at the university? Great! Take a drink.

5. If Amy says something sad that used to happen to her (AKA never being invited to sleepovers), drink half of whatever’s in your glass.

6. Sheldon goes on a scientific rant? SHOT.

7. Leonard makes fun of the scientific rant/mock him for any particular rant? Another shot.

8. Celebrity guest onto the show under their actual name like Stephan Hawking? Trade drinks with a friend and see how much you can drink of their drink in one mouthful.

9. If anyone gets annoyed at Sheldon for any reason, have a drink.

10. Is there something someone said that you don’t quite understand? Down your drink.

Last modified: 23rd November 2015

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