Dublin at Christmas

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If you’re a Christmas fanatic like me, then Dublin is the perfect December destination. This is a place that does Christmas right. Trying to avoid the festivities is as difficult as trying to avoid the cold in Newcastle – nigh-on impossible.

Not only is it great when you’re there, it’s so easy to get to! You can get a return flight for only £20, allowing you to pop over for a festive weekend. It’s a short flight as well. I had barely read one measly page of my book before the captain announced we were preparing for landing… (a brilliant way to get out of some dull philosophy reading).

On arrival in Dublin you will be amazed at how many fairy lights one place has managed to cram in. It gives the whole city a magical look, getting you immediately into the Christmas spirit! I have a somewhat-unhealthy obsession with fairy lights, so it was like I’d died and gone straight to fairy heaven.

I was also lucky enough to have front row seats at the winter solstice parade. It was happening outside my hotel window and so I pulled up a chair to watch. I had no idea it was happening but it was so exciting to see. There was live drumming, a procession, and a huge bonfire. It was fantastic free evening entertainment, sparing me from watching the awful film selection that most hotels tend to offer.

Without a doubt, the best things about Christmas in Dublin are the pubs. Pubs there are on another level. There is live music every night in almost every one, giving you the chance to sing and dance your heart away to some Christmas classics whilst drinking a pint of Guinness (you will be glad to know that the old legend saying that Guinness in Dublin tastes different – is in fact, true!). One of the most enjoyable 3 minutes of my life was being in a lively pub in temple bar, 2 days before Christmas day. The atmosphere was incredible and everyone was high on Christmas spirit, singing and dancing their socks off to a fantastic live duo when, ‘Fairy-tale of New York’ by the Irish-British band The Pogue’s came on. My throat was sore and cheeks were red from belting out the best Christmas song of all time in the heart of Dublin.

For a cheap and cheerful Christmas getaway, that is only a short plane journey away – get yourselves to Dublin!


Last modified: 27th January 2018

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