Early riser made the wiser: tips on how to make it to your 9am.

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Each and every university student understands the struggle of waking up for your 9am. Being at university has blessed us all with weird sleeping patterns which make early starts incredibly unappealing.

Unfortunately, you cannot swerve those morning lectures. So, here are some tips and tricks to help ease your transition from a night owl to an early bird.

  1.     Use a sleep cycle app

The technological answer to our daily struggle. Sleep cycle apps track your sleeping patterns and wake you when you remain in a light sleep. These apps make waking up all about timing so that you get up on the right side of the bed for your early start.

  1.     Keep your alarm clock on the other side of the room.

Place the snooze button out of your reach. This literally places temptation out of arms reach. This will force you to pull the covers off in order to stop that torturous beeping. The first time leaving the warmth of your cocoon is the hardest. So, once you have ventured as far as the other side of the room you might as well pull on a sweatshirt and venture to your lecture.   

  1.     Drink a cold glass of water

Not only does this give you a shock to the system it also brings your senses to life. Drinking a cold glass of water is associated with burning extra calories too. Your body has to work harder to keep up your body temperature and in doing so knocks off a couple of extra calories in the morning.

  1.     Stop the scrolling

This is lethal. In 2017, it was proven that the average social media user spends up to 135 minutes per day scrolling on their devices. This bad habit consumes your morning and provides you with an excuse for not making it to that seminar. However, you have one opportunity to go and sit in that seminar, whereas you have plenty of time to stalk Sophie Turner’s Instagram outside your contact hours.

  1.     Make your bed

This will prevent you from running back to hide under your duvet. Once again removing that temptation. Making your bed is the declaration to yourself that you will make it to this 9am and there’s no going back to napping now.

  1.     Prepare what you’re going to wear

Make sure you are ready to slay the day. When you look good you feel good and when you plan your outfit you are a woman who has her life together. Not only does preparing your outfit remove stress from your morning, but it also gives you a reason to go in so that you can flaunt those new flares.

It is easy to make an excuse, but it’s time to focus on the reason. The reason why you are here and why that 9am is worth your time. Don’t lose out on a single moment of university. The good, the bad and the early starts. It doesn’t last for long and it’s worth dragging yourself out of bed for.


Last modified: 1st March 2019

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