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Justice has finally been served, and it’s utterly delicious.

That’s right folks – after four years of waiting, the legendary French electronica duo are back with funk-tastic vengeance with the release of their third album Woman, and it’s certainly got me boogying down. It seems that this pair have taken their music further into the realm of disco than ever before, and they have demonstrated great expertise and talent in doing so. Tracks like ‘Safe and Sound’ and ‘Pleasure’ transport you into an early 1980’s cult daydream, projecting out all classic disco vibes. Yet the duo still manages to show variety in their new endeavour, with absolute anthems like ‘Alakazam’ getting me in the mood to go out and party at the nearest warehouse rave in range. A lot of musicians often seem to stumble and lose themselves around the point of the album number three, but Justice have merely expanded diversely, a glaze on the cherry of their already successful sundae, or something like that.

You need to hear: Be Svendsen 

Titled genre as ‘Tarantino-Techno’, produce of Copenhagen Lasse Bruhn Svendsen has been a recent suggestion from my southern based friend on who to listen to, and I am not disappointed. The European electronica musician creates a whole nomadic style symphony with his innovative mix of primal-tribe beats, painting an entire scenescape for the listener. Imagine the funky island beach music you used to hear back in early 200’s on that video game ‘Spyro: A Dragons Tale’, but far more refined, edgy and appealing to dance to. It’s a weird one to explain, so all the more reason to take a listen. Tracks like ‘Circle’ and ‘Bones’ capture bizzare cowboy-esque, adventure style zones of listening, and it’s truly nothing average or what you’ve ever seen before. It’s quirky, but it strangely works, so why not expand your horizons and check this guy out.

Listen to: Be Svendsen – Circles. 

Preview: The Levellers Association UK presents: Roni Size ft Dynamite MC, Friday 9th December at World Headquarters.   

Moving away from the strange and unknown and back to the beloved bangers, Newcastle is soon to be graced by one of Drum and Bass’ finest contributors, none other than Roni Size himself. Most famous for his huge hit ‘Brown Paper Bag’, Roni has previously set up a drum and bass collective called Reprazent, who’s album ‘New Forms’ won the 1997 Mercury Prize.

I last saw this man back at Latitude 2015, where he was stealing away all of headliner act Noel Gallagher’s crowd by blasting out crudely loud and fantastic beats from the darkness of the Film Arena. It was a 3 hour set of head bopping beats, feet shuffling a necessity, gun fingers everywhere. So, how could this experience be improved? Well, if you add Dynamite MC into the mix, your guarantee of a good night goes up from 100% to 110%, with quality bars in line to be spat all night long.

This is a level one only event at good old World HQ, so you can get up close and personal with the man himself whilst you and your mates jump up and get down to the lethal level of loud that is set to be generated on the night. Be a part of it, get involved, last tickets now available for £15.

Last modified: 23rd November 2016

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