Emergency services outside Park View accommodation

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Four police cars and an ambulance were spotted outside Park View student accommodation today, after a student was found dead there yesterday.

Police at the scene reportedly told a witness that they were there after a student had been taken ill. The nature of the illness – including whether or not it was related to coronavirus – was not specified.

This incident follows the death of an 18 year old student on Saturday at the same location.

Students moving into the accommodation for the year were prevented from entering the site until late afternoon when police presence had been reduced.

The person who provided this footage wishes to remain anonymous

University staff at the scene refused to comment on either incident. However, communication from the Vice Chancellor on Sunday evening to all students reminded students of the dangers of substance abuse.

In an email, Vice Chancellor Chris Day warns: “Your safety is in your hands… Batches of drugs can vary in purity and strength and are potentially lethal, and mixing drugs with alcohol further increases this risk.”

A student attempting to move in to the residence today provided footage of the vehicles outside their flat, adding the weekend’s events have “made [student and their flatmates] quite nervous”.

Northumbria Police have been approached for comment.

Featured Image: Lucy Adams

Last modified: 4th October 2020

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