Escaping to Tynemouth

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Newcastle is an exciting place to live and study in and so to all the Freshers, do look forward to becoming an honorary Geordie over the next few years. While it is exciting, there will also be days when all you want to do is to relax, escape and explore. If you are new to the area, why not visit a neighbouring town by the sea, loved by those from all over the country? It’s the perfect place for fresh sea air when you’re desperate for freedom from the library!

It is safe to say that almost every student in Newcastle has visited the stunning coastal town of Tynemouth. Voted as the ‘Best Seaside Destination’ by Rough Guides in 2016, spend an afternoon here and you’ll certainly understand why! There are three different beaches to choose from. A walk along any of these and a cosy coffee at Riley’s Fish Shack in the prime spot of King Edward’s Bay is a sure cure any hangover. There is also a great range of cafes and bars to choose from; ‘Dil & the Bear’ is a popular brunch hotspot, also known for its range of cakes and bakes, ‘Ora’ is perfect for drinks in a more laid back setting, and the infamous ‘Surfcafe’ right on the beach has a cool vibe to it with its countless live music events.

[pullquote]Go to Monument metro station in the city centre, buy an ABC zone day ticket for £5.10, and then head to Platform 3.[/pullquote]

If shopping is more your chosen activity, Tynemouth Market takes place every Saturday and Sunday in the town’s vintage metro station, so you need not worry about finding it; it is literally at the doorstep of the station! Food, music, and art are a few of the things you’ll find there. There are other shopping havens to hit like ‘Raspberry Bizarre’ selling unique gems you won’t find anywhere else. ‘Green Ginger Shopping Arcade’ is located in an old church, where you’ll find a range of shops, including a traditional sweet shop. I won’t lie, I never leave tynemouth without my cola cubes!

If I’ve managed to convince you to take a trip to Tynemouth and are now wondering how to get there, never fear! The easiest way to travel is by metro. Go to Monument metro station in the city centre, buy an ABC zone day ticket for £5.10, and then head to Platform 3. In just 30 minutes, you’ll arrive at the bottom of Tynemouth’s picturesque main street with the historical Priory at the top, where the beautiful coastline begins and fun awaits!   

Last modified: 11th October 2018

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