Essex Cricket: “Education is needed” as beer poured over Muslim batsman

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As Essex Cricket Club celebrated victory over Somerset in the Bob Willis Trophy Final on September 28th, their success was overlooked by an unfortunate incident. The team were ecstatic with their bottles of beer, which swiftly exploded over their balcony and over Muslim cricketer Feroze Khushi.

The 22-year-old batsman, who only made his First-class debut earlier this year, was seen recoiling as his team mates poured beer in his direction. Alcohol is forbidden in Muslim cultures.

Although not appearing in the final, Khushi played a significant role in the group stages of the tournament. The final did end in a tie, but Essex were crowned champions as they had a higher first innings score.

In response to the event, the Essex Club Captain, Tom Westley issued a statement regarding their intent to educate their players and avoid future controversy.

“On behalf of myself and the team, we would like to apologise for any offence that was caused during our celebrations at Lord’s on Sunday”.

“At Essex, we believe that we have built a strong dressing room culture that supports one another both on and off the field”.

“As a group, we have come together today and discussed the event and on reflection, we are disappointed that we let this happen”.

“Moving forward, the squad will be more responsible and aware of our actions and will continue to learn and develop with the help of the ECB and the PCA”.

Featured image: via @CountyChamp on Twitter

Last modified: 16th October 2020

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