Fairtrade Fortnight is coming to campus

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Newcastle University Students’ Union is to support the annual Fairtrade Fortnight once again. Between Monday 27th February and Sunday 12th March, the institution will be promoting the fair-trade products sold in the union shop.

The campaign is aimed to demonstrate the importance of purchasing Fairtrade products, which provide better prices, improved working conditions, local sustainability and fixed trade agreements between farmers and workers. Subsequently, this improves the quality of living for citizens of the developing world.

Fairtrade Fortnight aims to highlight the university’s commitment to Fairtrade produce.

Through the promotion of the importance of fair-trade produce over the two-week period, students are to recognize the variety of food such as chocolate and cookies that are available around campus.

Students will be also informed that all foods used in cafes, restaurants and bars on campus are fair-trade.

At the meetings, which will be hosted by the Student Union and Newcastle University, students will be able to recognize the importance of purchasing fair-trade tea and coffee on campus, which will better the developing world.

By educating students in this way, the university is hoping to emphasis their involvement in The Fairtrade Policy and ultimately increase consumption on campus.

The organizers of the event aim to raise awareness of the Fairtrade logo.

The mark guarantees that the price of the student’s purchase covers the cost of its production and also a surplus so that producer groups can continue to invest and prosper within their business.

From a student perspective, this is informative and satisfying to know that their fair-trade purchase is ethical.

Fairtrade Fortnight is set to be an informative, engaging and enlightening event.

It has been met by a wave of success from students and staff and, thanks to the promise of a free wafer with every Fairtrade product purchased at the union, it is likely to continue prospering over the next two weeks.

Last modified: 6th March 2017

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