Fairytale hideaway: Jesmond Dene House

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Driving up to Jesmond dene house in my taxi on my way to review their dining and accommodation for the Courier, I was left a tad speechless. I couldn’t fathom how I had never before been aware of this fairytale building, hidden away in the depths of the dene.

Inside the house was an interesting mix of both classic and contemporary aesthetic, retaining its grand elegance while integrating modern features as to not feel outdated.

The venue lends itself to those looking for particularly lavish graduation celebrations, with a recently renovated great hall, large private rooms and a cheeky secret garden down the back of the dene, this would be the perfect place to escape the harsh reality of student life and enter a world of luxury, even if just for a weekend.

Dining with two of my friends, we enjoyed the sophistication of the food, sampling the residents three course set menu. I chose to have the Gazpacho soup, Chargrilled rump Steak and Rhubarb and White Chocolate Pave with Rhubarb Sorbet.

While if I’m honest my friend’s choice of the Dried Serrano Ham looked a tad more appealing than the gazpacho, I enjoyed it nonetheless. The main was cooked perfectly, the garlic butter mousse on the side offering an interesting interpretation on a classic dish. The desert however was my favorite of all three courses, not only was it presented beautifully but also provided a refreshing end to the meal that countered the rich latter courses ideally.

After dinner I sent my friends on their way, contented by their dinners, and went to explore the standard room I’d been allocated with my boyfriend Joe, who I’d collared for the rest of the evening to help me take photos and offer his perspective on the hotel.

The room was the perfect balance between practical and luxury, being in the West Wing it was particularly modern with a newly renovated bathroom, king size bed, fully stocked mini bar and the biggest variation of hotel toiletries I’d ever seen in one room alone.

After a perfect nights sleep, I woke in the morning at 7am absolutely dreading having to leave the bed for work but did so none the less to squeeze in a swift breakfast before our departure. However, the service at breakfast was not as speedy as I would have hoped, our order getting lost in translation we had to wait a prolonged period of time to receive our food, although I don’t think this would have bothered me as much if I didn’t have to make it for my 9am start at work. Despite this, the food itself was of a high standard, and the continental buffet was as sophisticated as expected.

Overall, this is the type of place I’d love to recommend to friends and family looking for somewhere to stay at graduation, although it may not be one of the most affordable options in the city, the experience of the house alone makes it worth splashing out on for those special occasions.

Last modified: 9th July 2018

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