False lashes vending machine comes to Eldon Square

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It’s 1am on a Friday night. You’re waiting for a train at the station and the lure of a midnight snack permeates your thoughts. All the station kiosks are closed but luckily for you, the vending machine on the platform has a myriad of treats to satiate your craving. Don’t have any cash? No problem. Most vending machines take card these days. Oh and Apple Pay too. What a time to be alive.

If you thought that was cool, why not visit the new false eyelash vending machine in intu Eldon Square? In typical Newcastle style, having false eyelashes readily available seems to be of the utmost importance when it comes to accessible beauty. What a great idea for anyone wanting to touch up their looks whilst out on the lash.

Image: intu Eldon Square on Twitter

Some may see this as a bit of a gimmick but it has certainly caught people’s attention and raised a few eyebrows (and eyelashes!). What a fabulous form of advertising for The Lash Loft, a lash and brow specialist based in Gosforth, who are the brains behind the lash dispenser. That being said, owner of The Last Loft, Ashleigh Stevenson, said the idea came about after her salon got so busy that she was unable to take on any new bookings.

“The machine offers eighteen different styles and also sells mascara”
The machine offers eighteen different styles and sizes to cater for all eyelash needs and also sells mascara. This is Ashleigh’s second vending machine, the first being set up in the intu Metrocentre in May, and she hopes to expand the idea to big party cities such as Manchester and Liverpool.

It may not be quite the same as getting a set of eyelash extensions, but the moment that three sets of eyelashes drop out instead of one during a technical glitch would certainly keep you coming back for more. Buy one get two free… Now you wouldn’t get that in a salon.

Image: intu Eldon Square on Twitter

Last modified: 2nd August 2019

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