Fortnite Hints at Meteor Strike for Season Four

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In keeping with the space theme for Fortnite’s third season, many players have begun to theorise that Tilted Towers will soon suffer a dramatic meteor strike to pave the way for a new map update leading into Season 4. The rumours began withthe appearance of a comet in the sky during matches, and fans have been unocvering more hints ever since.

As well as the sudden appearance of the meteor itself, telescopes aimed towards it have now also sprung up across the map. On top of this, players began to notice that certain locations caused their controllers to rumble in specific patterns. While the Fortnite Twitter team dismissed these as a bug, unconviced fans translated the patterns into Morse Code to uncover the cryptic message “SOS D5 418”.

[pullquote]This seems to prove that something big is on its way[/pullquote]

From this it was theorised that D5 referred to Tilted Towers (D5 being its grid reference on the map) and that 418 meant the meteor event would take place on the 18th of April. While this never transpired, the meteor sightings have continued, meaning there’s every chance that 418 refers to April 2018 instead.

Image: Richard Liddle

The culmination of all these hints is the teaser for Season 4. Accompanied by the appearance of televisions broadcasting a “state of emergency” message, the promotional image for the new season features an orange streak resembling a flying meteor and a mysterious character in the background, along with the tagline “Brace for Impact”. This seems to fairly conclusively prove that something big is on its way. Whether this entails the destruction of Tilted Towers as expected or is merely a big buildup to the next season’s theme remains to be seen, however.

Last modified: 30th April 2018

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