GAME OVER: When is it time to delete your relationship?

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Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik back together…AGAIN? I feel like a frustrated parent with these two, and can’t help but wish they’d call it quits whilst also being one of the many silently rooting for them to make it last a full year at least once. The thing is, the media and the public are constantly ripping them apart for their yo-yo of a relationship, but we can hardly talk can we?

Relationships in the 21st century are probably at their most complicated and confusing than ever before. There’s about a million different stages you have to navigate like some sort of game show similar to childhood favourite; CBBC’s Raven – except Cupid is the host and sometimes no one even wins, right? And on the off chance you actually manage to pass each level and make it official, it can often come to exactly the same game as what GiGi and Zayn play. Question is, should you be trying to get onto the next level if you keep failing the one you’re on each time you decide to give it another shot?

All jokes aside, we all know it can be hard to give in and admit defeat when you’re actually in the situation. But there are plenty of signs that show trying one more time just isn’t on the cards for you. I’m no relationship expert, you can ask my friends that. However, I do know that if you are only going back to your ex because they’re familiar and it’s the easier choice between the thought of that long (as hell) process of getting to know someone new, then it’s a sign you really need to get out of that comfort zone hun.

You probably only feel comfortable because you’re constantly replaying the old happy memories

What’s more, you probably only feel comfortable because you’re constantly replaying the old happy memories from the beginning of the relationship in your mind before things started to fall apart. You want the truth? You’re in love with those memories and the person who is no longer in existence. And if this ex is one you’ve gone back to over and over for a year or more, then that version of them is very unlikely to exist – and the version of you when you first met probably doesn’t either. Let that ghost of a couple go and the relationship will stop haunting you, trust me.

The same applies for those of us sticking around and finding the same problems just keep on falling out on top of us after we’ve squeezed them into that broken closet of a relationship. Inevitably, cramming all the issues you and your partner share or hate about each other back into that tight space will eventually burst open and suffocate you all over again. Unless you both make the effort to change. How about you clear it out and give yourself space to breathe again? Think of it as a spring clean for your heart.

If there are circumstances that keep you apart … then sometimes it’s kinder to let the relationship go

Ok, maybe not every relationship won’t get past the level it’s stuck on. Some of us just have no choice but to let it go for a fourth or fifth time because the timing is off. Timing. Is. Everything. And I will preach that till I die. If there are circumstances that keep you apart – long distance, mental health/health issues, emotional distractions etc – then sometimes it’s kinder to let the relationship go for a while so that it doesn’t destroy the both of you in the process.

The thing is, if it IS meant to be then it will, but don’t exhaust this saying if the whole thing is completely ruining you both. Give it up, if you aren’t reaching BOSS level at this point, you probably never will. I know you love them and you always will to some degree, but sometimes it’s best to love at a distance. It’s better to give yourself more self-love and get back on to the new road that is waiting for you rather than going back over those same worn out tracks that lead to nowhere. Zayn and GiGi, this ones for you.

Last modified: 23rd March 2020

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