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Be under no illusion – just because Dirty Little Secret is on Friday night, your preparation doesn’t start at 7pm. Ideally, you should tan the night before, and shower off the next morning. Make sure you exfoliate before application and moisturise those tough ‘orange prone’ areas (ankles, knees, elbows) and using a tanning mitt to avoid those give away fake tan palms. When choosing a brand, St Moritz Mousse ticks all the boxes: affordable, easy application and good colour, although St Tropez never disappoints either. Please Note: Don’t leave the house looking like a Geordie Shore extra. Less is definitely more, so tan suitably for your natural complexion.


I often find that having fake tanned, BB cream is enough coverage for the face, paired with a dusting of bronzer, as heavier foundations can sometimes give a cakey effect. For eyes, few products can equal an Urban Decay Naked Eye Shadow Palette. These palettes have something for everyone, from ashy to rose gold tones and a variety of glitters and mattes to mix and match with. Personally, I don’t use eyeliner as my skills set doesn’t stretch to getting the perfect wing!

Depending on how heavy the eyes are, lipstick or gloss always completes the look. Match heavy eye makeup with a more neutral lip and lighter, natural eyes with a red or brighter lip. My favourites are 700 Nude Delight by Rimmel, or 536 Empire Red Maybelline.


If, like mine, yours leave much to be desired, then falsies will become your saving grace. Again, the key is to keep them looking as natural as possible, and I advise using Eylure Naturalites, which give a natural look and a step by step guide for application. Or visit Xtras in Eldon Square and pick from their similar but more affordable collection, making sure not to pick ones that look far too long or intense as this will give a false look. However, if you’re gifted in the eyelash department, then perhaps just a few lashings of mascara will do. When wearing falsies, mascara is optional, making the dreaded post night out makeup removal far less arduous.

Last modified: 19th October 2015

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