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Newcastle Universities Go Volunteer fair kicked off at 11am on Tuesday 3 of March in The Venue at the Student Union.

The fair provided students with the opportunity to speak to lots of different non-profit organizations that offer the chance to volunteer, both within the university and the local community.

The hall was full of students seeking volunteering opportunities and the wide range of information on offer could not disappoint those wanting to get involved.

Organizations and societies were looking for volunteers to do a spectrum of different jobs from volunteering in the Art Café to caring for the elderly.

The variety of stalls included big name organizations on campus such as Go Volunteer, the NUSU led organisation that offers volunteering opportunities through the University itself from student led projects to long term program’s aiming to help students develop the skills employers look for, supplement degree course’s and help the local community while making new friends.

NUSU was also advertising its free upcoming Inspiring Women’s Conference on 11 March, a different way for students to get engaged.

However other organisations possibly less recgonised also offered a host of interesting information and activities for students to get involved with such as the Chain Reaction and Your Voice Counts volunteering schemes.

Irene Storey Volunteer coordinator at Your Voice Counts spoke to The Courier about how important events like these are for both the organisations and students: “this is definitely a great opportunity, I know students who after being involved with us after these events have gone onto full time jobs at our organisation, and volunteering is a great way to gain experience.”

Charities such as Age UK and St Oswalds hospice also attended the event to appeal to the good nature of students and inform about their causes.

Hosting a wide range of information and free pizza the fair offered something for everyone, from the most contentious student to those simply curious about the event.

Last modified: 6th March 2017

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