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If you’re perpetually late like me, then time always seems to fly by before you realise you have to rush to get ready. Don’t let those extra few minutes in bed or doing your hair deter you from looking fresh at lectures or nights out. Here are some tips for one of those days when you have to get all your makeup on in under 5 minutes!


Prep – apply base cream or primer over your face. This will keep your skin nice and smooth for remaining makeup for the rest of the day. Depending on the coverage you need, you may choose to use foundation to even out your complexion. Use a cream or powder foundation and apply over your face with a brush. For liquid foundation, dab it on the main areas of your face and smooth it out evenly across your face with a sponge. You may choose to only use concealer to hide under eye circles and blemishes. I would recommend liquid concealer for eye bags, and stick concealer for blemishes. Dot the concealer on, and then blend it out with your fingers or sponge. If there is still time for contouring or you simply just can’t leave the house without it; focus on just highlighting the bridge of your nose, and darkening the area below your cheekbones and blend it with a brush. If you need blush, I recommend using a cream blush, as it is moisturizing and quick to use. Just dab some onto your cheeks with your fingers and smooth it out.


If you are terrible at evening out your winged eyeliner under pressure, there is a resolution. Cut card out into a winged shape you would like to use for days like these, and use it as a template to line your wing, flip it over for use on your other eye to make sure both are symmetrical. If you don’t have time for any sort of wing, just pencil in your upper waterline to make sure your eyes pop. You may choose to only use mascara to define your eyes if eyeliner takes too long. Or just use some brown eye shadow on your eyelids for a more natural look, if you are really short of time.


Eyebrows are an essential part of a daily routine as they frame your whole face. Lightly line an outer shape for your eyebrows with a brow pencil to define it. Then fill it in with pencil or powder. An alternative quick way to do brows is just to darken them with brow powder.


Moisturize your lips with a lip balm to make sure any lip product you apply afterwards will be polished and smooth. Then apply your preferred lip product. Nude shades are usually easier to apply quickly, more so than dark reds or bright pinks which require more precision.

Depending on the time and skills you have, and the look you want to achieve whether it be natural or more intense; choose and follow some of these steps or all of them to look fabulous in a matter of minutes!

Last modified: 7th December 2015

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